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“In today's world education is not a privilege but a necessity, not only for a good job but to participate fully in the wider world.”  Harriet Fulbright



Girls in STEM Project
GIS Project


  • Raise awareness and have a better understanding of global education & science and cultural exchange in female students in the 6th & 7th grades.

  • To pique girls’ curiosity in the STEM field at an early age.

  • Encourage students to take STEM into consideration when forming the basis of their future.

  • Acknowledge the importance of the role STEM plays at the earliest age possible.

  • Increase the students’ interest in STEM education through practical ways.

  • Help them to enjoy learning and allow students to gain self-confidence related to the subject.

  • To emphasizes the importance of sending girls to school.

  • Providing a basis for girls to improve their teamwork and project development skills. 



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