INTED’s School of Economics delivers advanced education in the disciplines of Economics, Global Finance, Financing Higher Education, Risk Management, Career Development, Business English, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. The School of Economics is an innovative concept in global education that offers certificate programs for the upcoming generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as programs for K-12 students who wish to build their leadership skills and explore their options in business. Having the knowledge of business management will benefit the students in better managing their life, career, and their own business, and it is a rewarding way to invest their education.


University and Recent Graduates


8th to 12th, University


University and Professionals


9th to 12th





University and Recent Graduates

This program emphasizes global business culture, finance, and current issues in business. The BEP leads efforts to improve language skills in five main areas of business communication; negotiating, actively engaging in meetings, presenting information, socializing, and using the telephone. The BEP equips students with the skills essential in business:

  • Networking

  • Negotiating

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Managing Meetings

  • Giving Presentations

  • Briefing Multinational Teams

  • Teleconferencing

  • Writing Business Documents

  • Replies to formal invitations

  • Email Correspondence

  • Executive summaries

  • Reports

  • Proposals

  • Action points from meetings

  • Financial performance reports

  • Consultancy agreements

  • Mission statements

  • Job advertisements

  • Answering phone calls

The goal of this program is to improve students’ comprehension, critical thinking, communication, and writing skills, and to focus on enriching their vocabulary for business, economics, and finance. The BEP lecture topics include international business, public and private sector partnerships, corporate banking and finance, public bailouts of private enterprises, consulting, online business, and entrepreneurship. This program also covers topics in accounting, banking, corporate finance, economics, and trade, which are subjects crucial for future leaders and directors in the international business environment.



University and Recent Graduates

The Career Development Program is designed for university students or recent graduates who wish to study in the United States to gain hands-on experience in the U.S. business practices. CDP is constructed to improve students’ English language skills and to enhance their future career opportunities. CDP offers classes on internship preparation, interview techniques, and personal document preparation. Also, during a professional internship through the CDP, applicants will undertake English instruction for 32 hours each month. The CDP’s internship and workshop curriculum focuses on developing practical business language skills, as well as potential employment possibilities. Our goal is to help students gain the knowledge and skills that will assure their success in beginning or advancing their business career.

Program Highlights

  • Real-world work experience in the U.S. with a personalized internship.

  • Enhance your resume with successful work experience in the U.S.

  • Assist you in obtaining letters of reference from U.S. employers and teachers to make you stand out.

  • Help you refine and clearly understand your career aspirations.

  • Teach you how to expand your professional network.

  • Help you become more self-confident while learning how to balance work and time off.

  • Impart the skills you need to convince an employer that you are the candidate of choice.

  • This program requires minimum score of IELTS 5 or TOEFL 70.



University and Professionals

To understand the matters of global finance, one must comprehend the challenges, opportunities, and successful strategies of the entire financial market. The PFP provides participants with the background knowledge, techniques, conceptual understanding, and hands-on experience needed to thrive in the world of finance. Participants learn how to extract material from financial statements for analysis, operating, investing, and financing activities of a company. They will be able to incorporate these skills into their future career in global finance. The PFP fosters participants’ confidence and competency to conduct global business with secure and effective finance tactics. The completion of this program allow participants to:

Have a deeper knowledge of: types of competition; strategic behavior; product differentiation, the function of economic institutions; exchange rates; the functions of the banking system; financial instability; global governance, and the role of multinational institutions that regulate international financial relations in the global business environment. Understand and acquire the skills needed for effectively analyzing an international capital project. Learn the essentials of foreign exchange and the different foreign currency exposures faced by multinational firms. Apply effective methods to manage short-term assets and liabilities in a global setting.



9th to 12th

If you are an innovative thinker with exceptional problem solving skills and want to develop sustainable solutions for critical global issues, then join the Global Youth Leaders program. Students collaborate with business leaders to understand development issues that global businesses face today. This program is designed to bring together the next generation of leaders to create global change, and to gain experience in development of international business. The GYL program provides a global learning experience and rigorous curriculum that focus on building the self-confidence, fundamental business skills, and global competiveness required to become successful entrepreneurs. GYL introduces students to functional business disciplines including marketing, advertising, business and personal financial planning, strategies of entrepreneurship, and business communication. Lectures are supplemented with site visits and exploration of non-profit organizations, NGO’s, and government institutions, as well as connecting students from business schools.




The Higher Education Finance Program provides an opportunity to survey the finance of higher education in several countries with highly ranked universities. HEF emphasizes the analysis of financial policies and current issues of education institutions. The purpose of the HEF program is to apply the concepts, models, and methods of economic theory, and evaluate the programs and policies related to the finance of higher education. The program is designed especially for those who are currently in professional positions focusing on administration, student affairs, and policy analysis related to public or private higher education sectors. The field trips to the globally recognized universities allow participants to discover the following topics:

  • Economic theories of human capital and investment in higher education.

  • Role of government policies in higher education finance.

  • Micro and macroeconomic models of the marketplace including revenue, cost, productivity, prices, subsidies, and elasticity.